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The core of any construction is a solid foundation.
It is suggested that the construction foundation sit on stable soil and be taken to a minimum depth of 1.2m from the ground level.
The soil's load-bearing ability is critical in the foundation procedure. If the earth is loose, the foundation's sides should be supported to keep the structure from collapsing.

Layout planning and excavation

The appropriate marking of the foundation is critical during planning so that the foundation is in the proper position to sustain the weight. Excavation should be done in accordance with the slope and level.

Best TMT Steel Manufacturers in India
Best TMT Steel Manufacturers in India

Anti termite treatment

Anti-termite treatment is a significant step that must be completed while building a project since it might damage the foundation. The soil should be treated with the appropriate chemicals based on the structure's height. The chemical process should be properly supervised since it has the potential to pollute the water supply.


Concrete is essential in the construction of any structure. If not properly kept, concrete rapidly collects moisture from the air. Water levels in the concrete must be closely monitored since they might weaken it and cause cracks.

Best TMT Steel Manufacturers in India
Best TMT Steel Manufacturers in India

Brick work

A robust structure is created with solid walls. Therefore, bricks and blocks should be put on a complete bed of mortar. To ensure the strength of the brickwork, it should be well cured.


The centering should be strong enough to keep the concrete in place until it hardens. To provide stability, centering should be supported at predetermined intervals.

steel manufacturing companies in india
steel manufacturing companies in india


Due to improper adhesion, the plastered surfaces develop cracks.
Therefore the surface adhesion plays an important part in ensuring the adhesion. The surface to be plastered should be free from any dust or foreign particles. Plastering is normally done in two coats.


As concrete is heavily exposed to moisture, Curing is done to maintain the moisture levels on fresh concrete. This supports a favourable temperature for the hydration of concrete.

steel manufacturing companies in india
steel manufacturing companies in india


Seepage is an important concern for most homeowners who do not understand how important waterproofing is. In the construction process, moisture plays a highly destructive part. It is very vital to adopt stringent precautions with regards to waterproofing in order to safeguard the construction process. There are several Waterproofing methods that can be advised by your contractor.