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India’s first ambassador program dedicated to benefit the community of

Architects, Builders, Contractors & Consultants.


Applications Open Now.


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Welcome To RDTMT Ambassador Program

India's first ambassador program for the community of Architects, Builders, Contractors and Consultants

RDTMT Ambassador Program is a offline marketing program that aims to form a community of architects, contractors, builders & consultants who want to make a difference in the homogenous market of TMT Re-bars & drive the sales with word of mouth driven towards the best quality of the product & be benefitted by the vision of RDTMT & its community.

The program facilitates & nurtures the skills & contribute towards their personal & career growth. We want to empower & strengthen the selected ambassadors & crown them as our Ambassadors across India who will consult and become brand evangelists in their respective institution.











1. Get a chance to get back over 60k/Month just by referring RDTMT.

-Ambassadors benefits by direct cash commission of Rs.200 per Ton of referred purchase.

2. Every consumer that buys using an Ambassador Code, get a gift from RDTMT

– Upon each purchase, the customer need to just scan the QR code at the store and share bill on WhatsApp to RDTMT & fill form with details – once the purchase is confirmed, RDTMT shall send the gift to the customer.

3. Ambassadors get shipping prioritised.

– Our ambassadors are important to us, we make sure each ambassador and their referrals get the fastest and the most prioritised shipping.

1. All gift items are sourced from the 3rd party, the gift items will come with the warranty and guaranteed of the manufacturer, the service is subject to the manufacturer service policy and RD TMT will not be liable for any warranty, guarantee and service issues.
2. RD TMT reserves the right to alter, change or discontinue any of the gift items mentioned without notice.
3. RD TMT, family members, relatives, employees, distributors or their employees, dealers or their employees are not eligible for this scheme.
4. This scheme is not valid in places where the law does not permit this kind of scheme.
5. In case of any dispute or claim, the decision by the management of RD TMT Shall be final.
6. The decision to continue or withdraw this scheme is at the sole discretion of the management of RD TMT without any commitment or liability.
7. Any disputes arising out of this scheme shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Bengaluru only.
8. This scheme is effective from 1st June 2023